Five Dumbest Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

Blogging Mistakes

Most bloggers fail to make money online because one simple reason, they focus on getting more traffic instead of building a loyal readership. See, if you are thinking to build a profitable online business through blogging, focus on solving your targeted audience problems. Recommended :  How To Increase Blog Traffic In An Effective Way When you are writing for online people, ...

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Top Tips To Attain Search Engine Friendly WordPress Blog

search engine friendly content

WordPress blog is definitely the “IN” thing in today’s web world. Whether you own a small business or one that has a wider reach, maintaining a flawless WordPress blog is considered a key to online success. If you’re a WordPress blog owner then luck is purely on your side because you can easily make your opinions reach a larger group ...

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5 Important SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs


Here are five very important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips that are going to help you rank up the search engine results pages. Some of the ideas may seem a little counter-intuitive (especially the last one) but they are all solid ways of improving the SEO of your website. 1 . The keywords you use on your blog This is ...

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WordPress Vs Joomla. Which CMS should you choose?

CMS wordpress_vs_joomla

WordPress and Joomla the two most popular content management system(CMS) on the web. Before proceeding for the comparison here is some common questions- What is Content Management System? A content management system is a computer software or you can say application that allows you to manage, edit, publish, and modifying the content. This system can do work with manual or ...

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Why You Should Learn PHP? Statistics & Advantage Of PHP

php growth & advantage of PHP

PHP three letters that together constitute the name of one of the for Web development, the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Flexible, scalable, extensible, stable, open—PHP is all of these and more, which is why it’s one of the most popular programming language in the world. Ask me why I like PHP and I will give you thousands of reason why I like ...

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Top 5 best PPC Advertising Networks For bloggers

advertising network

PPC advertise networks are the most profitable way to make money online. There are lots of PPC advertising networks available online. But the main question before every blogger is which PPC advertising network anyone should choose. To illustrate this in a simple way I made one post of Top 10 PPC advertising Networks For bloggers online. What is PPC/CPC ad ...

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