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5 Important SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

Here are five very important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips that are going to help you rank up the search engine results pages. Some of the ideas may seem a little counter-intuitive (especially the last one) but they are all solid ways of improving the SEO of your website.


1 . The keywords you use on your blog

This is where it starts to get a little tricky because it was only at the end of the year 2013 that Google said keywords do not matter as much anymore. They said we should still do all of our SEO as usually, but they have made it clear that keywords are only part of a now bigger equation. So, where does that leave the blogger?

Write your article for your blog post, and then think up the keywords that should apply to your blog post. If you have done a good job at writing about your topic, then there should be no problem with keywords because the keywords should have appeared naturally in the text. If they did not, then add in a few sentences to sure up the numbers. Those keywords need to go into your tabbed keyword section.

Go through your blog and look for all the times your keywords appear. If you have noticed an abundance of one type of keyword, then consider switching it for one that is a synonym. This will help to improve your keyword profile. Add those words to your tabbed keyword section too.

Now take a keyword or two from your Meta keywords. These should be the ones that more openly reflect your blog theme as a whole. Pick two or three of them and put them in your tabbed keyword section too.

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2. Add images and fill out there Meta information

You are supposed to add images to a blog because it is the right thing to do. It makes your blog look better and makes it easier to read. You should add the Meta data into the images. The ALT text should tell what the image is about. The image title and image file name should also tell what the image is all about. Within the Meta data you should also add a relevant keyword or two. Get the image in to Google images and you have yourself another way of getting traffic.


3. Add a Facebook comment section and “like” function

The comment section allows people to post things on their wall as they comment on your post, and the “like” function may show others that you are not forgotten and still popular. Both of these add a tie-in with Facebook that is search engine friendly.

4. Use page caching and optimize each post

In other words, you need to make sure that your blog loads very quickly and that it renders almost instantly. If your blog is getting rather large, then make sure your posts fold away so that they do not all load as the user hits the page. Just the first one or two need only load. The others can load as the user scroll down. Do all you can to make sure the blog is going to load quickly, as Google will lower the search engine ranking of the website if it should?

5. Link to the blogs of other people

When you are writing your blog post, you are unlikely to be writing about something that nobody else has ever written about. There are probably lots of other bloggers who write about similar things. If you hit upon a point that another blogger has also hit upon, then you can link to that blog post so that people may see that blogger’s insight on the subject.

Why do this seemingly sweet act of compassion? There is something in it for you too. If every week you link to one or two of your competing blogs, then there is a chance that they may link to you. Since they are competing they are also trying to get the same target audience, which in other words means that the backlink is going to be valuable to you. There is also the fact that Google judges websites on the sites that they link to as well as sites that are linked to them. When Google sees you linking to that blog post it will make sense to them because you are both writing about the same them. Google will consider your externally pointing link a good thing and rank you up because of it.

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  1. I really liked your catchlines as you said write your article first then decide to apply keywords where it should placed in the post.

    Nice write up and keep sharing.

  2. Hi Sonia,
    Nice post indeed,SEO is most vital factor in blogging.Without SEO you cant do much with your blog.As you said,keyword and content is soul of SEO.BDW Google plus is also important now days in seo. thank you for such great tips.
    sameer recently posted…Top 10 Best Apps for This Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  3. Simple tips Sonia but I have an question not clear with this statement “These should be the ones that more openly reflect your blog theme as a whole” can you elaborate little please you mean a keyword that focus entire domain or someother
    Shameem recently posted…9 Essential Strategies to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  4. Heyy sonia,
    I really liked your tips for blogs on blogger. I am running 5 blogs on blogger and these tips would act as a door to heaven for my blogs. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips. :)

    Stay Blessed, Happy Blogging :)

  5. Linking out to the right people in the industry is of course the right thing to do. It was worth it bringing that up.
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  6. Excellent tips, I always like to read a quality content having accurate information regarding SEO and the same thing I found in this post. These tips very much effective. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is really nice and knowledgeable post to take our blog in next step of optimization… i like it . Thnx for sharinfg this mam….
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