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Five Dumbest Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

Most bloggers fail to make money online because one simple reason, they focus on getting more traffic instead of building a loyal readership.

See, if you are thinking to build a profitable online business through blogging, focus on solving your targeted audience problems.

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When you are writing for online people, you must consider one thing i.e. is to give immense value to your target audience. Without caring about your readers, there is no way you can make money from your blogs, it’s as simple as that.

Everyone wants to make their blogs successful right? But have you ever asked yourself that why only few people make money from their blogs? If you analyze the top bloggers who are making a living from online businesses, you will understand that most of them follow win/win approach.

They value their readers, they focus on building a great network and then they create products that make money even while sleeping.

If you want to be a successful blogger, avoid the following blogging mistakes that make you look like a fool.

Five Dumbest Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

Blogging mistakes to avoid

I know there are hundreds of mistakes a blogger can make especially when someone is new to the blogging world without having prior experience. The best way to make your blog a success is to learn from others. Observe what others are doing in your niche, study your market and you will learn what you can do to build a better blog for yourself.

Here are the dumbest mistakes that any blogger can make in his blogging journey.

1. Rehashing blog content

Have you ever wondered why only few people succeed online? It’s because they share content that you can’t find anywhere else. They write and promote unique blog content that stands out from the remaining crowd. Ultimately we, as readers love to share contents that add value to the blogosphere.

So if you want to build a better blog, make sure to first focus on writing quality contents, not mediocre stuff. Never even think about copying others stuff just to get more search engine traffic.

Search engine crawlers are smart enough to catch the copied and rehashed content. When they find your content is copied or rehashed, they often throw out your search results somewhere at the bottom of the results. So focus on creating unique content by adding value to your readers.

2. Not caring about building a readership online

Most bloggers focus more on getting page views than focusing on their readers. Always remember that, people matters not page views.

If you want to make more money from your blogging efforts, pay attention to people, respond to their emails and give reply to each and every comment that you get on your blog posts.

If you give 100% priority to building readers instead of visits, you will definitely see the BEST results sooner or later. Observe any successful blogger in your niche, most of them are mainly concerned about building a thriving network around their blogs. So focus on building a loyal readership instead of generating more page views and you will be fine.

3. Only focusing on money

Yes, it is true that we all are trying to make money from the blogs. But when you only focus on making money, all of your efforts go in vain. Because all you care about is to make money from your blogs, not helping people. When people don’t find your blog interesting, they have no reason to stay on your blogs or buy your affiliate products.

Five Dumbest Blogging Mistakes Most Bloggers Make1

So make sure you are having a strategy that makes you good enough money in the long run. Having an action plan is the real key to make money blogging. One of the simple ways to find your monetization plan is to study the blogs in your niche and ask yourself questions like;

  • How are they making money?
  • How their readers are getting engaged?
  • What call to actions are they using?
  • What programs are they promoting?

And you will be amazed with the ideas that you get after answering the above questions. Spend quality time on analyzing the top blogs in your industry, it will be helpful for you in the long run.

Never focus on getting rich quickly, making money online definitely takes time and energy. You should have a business plan to make an income from your blogs or websites.

4. Not building an email list

Money is in the list. Almost every blogger says that. Are you really creating an email list for your blogs too? If not, why? Listen, making money from a blog takes time and you need to build relationships with your readers to let them buy your products.

What else could be the effective way to engage with your readers and create awareness of the products you promote than building an email list?

Using an email list, you will not only able to foster your relationships, but you will also make more traffic, sales and create awareness about your products.

5. Using free stuff

Most bloggers use blogspot blogs. They don’t spend money on their design, web hosting, themes, plugins or any other software that enriches your website.

Remember one thing in online world, it takes money to make money online.

So if you want to make money from your blogs, first invest money on the things like freelance writing, SEO optimization, design etc.

You will also start treating your blog seriously if you are spending money on it. Seriously no one pays attention to a free blog or website, do you? So stop using free stuff, and get serious about your blogs.

Another biggest blogging mistake is most new bloggers focus on getting SEO traffic. Always remember that, SEO is a long term strategy and you simply can’t drive massive traffic from search engines to brand new blogs. You have to work hard and consistently promote your stuff to get higher rankings on Google search results.

So what are the dumbest blogging mistakes have you made from above? Do you have any tips and strategies to run a successful blog? Please share your comments.

About Anil Agarwal

This is the guest post by Anil Agarwal, He is professional blogger from New Delhi, India.He was doing blogging part time, but recently started taking blogging as my full time hobby, passion, career and a way to earn money from his well known blog bloggerspassion.com


  1. Nice tips in blogging. Its really helpful in blogging to create large amount of audience.

  2. Hii Anil, all 5 points you shared are all true and can be practically found with most of the bloggers.

    The bigger mistake you missed writing here is that, bloggers don’t try to create themselves as brand (personal branding).

    This is the thing which people miss out but works like anything and I’ve experienced it since 4 years. Building good relationship with all your readers and fellow bloggers is the key to that.
    Pawan Kumar Kukarwal recently posted…Facebook Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) Free Download [How to]My Profile

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing :)
    Sasikumar Krishnan recently posted…Google New Search Engine Layout Launched With Larger FontsMy Profile

  4. Hi Anil,

    Great Post. After reading your blog post I memorized the content created by Jon Morrow.
    Thank you for sharing it….
    Nikhil recently posted…The Virgins Guide To SEO For WordPress – 8 Shortcuts To Get RankMy Profile

  5. I think in order to succeed in blogging we must post an informative, relevant and unique content consistently and share it to social media sites like facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and do some link building like blog commenting to at least 10 high ranking do follow related blogs .
    myrnaluz recently posted…Are you seeking a beautiful woman?My Profile

  6. I think in order to succeed in blogging we must post an informative, relevant and unique content consistently and share it to social media sites like facebook, twitter and other social networking sites and do some link building like blog commenting to at least 10 high ranking do follow related blogs everyday.

  7. Hello Anil,

    I am great fan of yours.. you have listed real mistakes which many bloggers did or doing including me.. With the help of your tips, I will surely improve my blog to get more traffic…
    Himanshu recently posted…15 Best Free & Premium WordPress Countdown PluginsMy Profile

  8. Hello Anil ,
    Nice to tread you here. Ya every blogger do some mistakes and regret after doing it. Copying content from other source is the biggest mistake by any blogger and this happen more often than others in starting. Nice alert and information. thanks for providing nice read.
    Mahendra recently posted…Aakash 4 specifications and price detailsMy Profile

  9. Hello Anil,

    When we make mistakes, it shows that we are trying. And no one is perfect.
    As mistake are the part of success we should learn from our mistake and try not to repeat the same mistake in the future. This will leads us to where we want to be.

    Thanks for sharing this tips.
    Shivkumar recently posted…Download any format of video using YouTube Downloader in Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  10. Really very nice post, I will ensure not to make these mistakes…Keep going
    Sahith recently posted…WordPress 3.9 Release DateMy Profile

  11. I just loved the post. These are hard truths which are hardly trumpeted. The money aspect is what kills many!
    Emmanuel recently posted…Just a Billion Reason why I will Quit Blogging One day.My Profile

  12. I think point 3, blogging only for money is one of the most important reason for failing many bloggers.
    When these bloggers start running for money, they lose large chunk of their followers and their blog eventually goes through a silent death,,,,
    Ansh recently posted…4 Best WordPress Marketplace Themes & Plugins 2014My Profile

  13. Focusing only on money isn’t really going to help initially. I also agree that building relationship is also equally important. Once that phase is passed through, success certainly follows. Nice article and great job.
    Abhijit Bangal recently posted…Faster Image Sharing: Insert Photos in GmailMy Profile

  14. All mention points in this post are good and important too. But in my point of view 3rd and 4th points are more important. I also like your not that it takes money to make money online. Many are thinks to make money without spending a penny. Thanks

  15. Hello

    All these point are reason of bad blogging but the most important mistake is that every one join blogging today is to make money not for there interest.Thanks to share your suggestion.
    Sonam Sharma recently posted…How web application development companies help grow online business?My Profile

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