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Why You Should Learn PHP? Statistics & Advantage Of PHP

PHP three letters that together constitute the name of one of the world’s most popular programming languages for Web development, the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Flexible, scalable, extensible, stable, open—PHP is all of these and more, which is why it’s one of the most popular programming language in the world. Ask me why I like PHP and I will give you thousands of reason why I like PHP. PHP is used by over twenty million websites and more than the third of the web server.  As an open-source project, PHP is completely free, its simple design, great organized modules programming and debugging with it a pleasure. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that todays leading websites like Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Wikipedia.org, WordPress.org are built using PHP.

Here I will tell you why students should go for PHP and some awesome advantage of PHP. If you are familiar with other languages such as ASP.NET or JSP you might wondering why PHP is so special and what makes it different from other competitors.

  • Open Source 
     The major advantage of PHP is it is open source project, this means its totally free. The language is developed by the worldwide team of volunteers and you did not have to pay for its licensing or did not have to invest in expensive software. This reduces software development cost without affecting flexibility or reliability. And one of the major advantage of open source PHP is that if any bugs occurs it is solve by the worldwide community and sometimes within a few hours.
  • Cross Platform
    PHP is cross platform this means you can use PHP on any operating systems like Mac OS Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows. This feature is extremely in used when operating in a cross platform environment.
  • Object-Oriented Support
     PHP version 5 has well-designed object-oriented features. If you learned to program in Java or C++, you will find the features (and generally the syntax) that you expect, such as inheritance, private and protected attributes and methods, abstract classes and methods, interfaces, constructors, and destructor.
  • Ease of Use
     “Simplicity is the greatest sophistication” said by Leonardo Da Vinci and by that measure PHP is an extremely sophisticated programming language. Its syntax is clear and easy to use and it comes with the documentation for 5000+ functions
  • Community Support
     One of the best thing about community supported language is that it includes the imagination and creativity of thousands of developers across the world. The PHP community built hundreds of ready to use widgets and extensions that developer  can use to add more functionality to PHP.
  • Third Party Application Support
     One of the advantage of PHP  is that its support for wide range of databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. PHP supports more than fifteen database engines and it includes common API for database languages.

This doesn’t just stop here. PHP’s extensible architecture allows developers to write custom add-ons to the language, with the result that PHP developers can today read and write the GIF, JPEG, and PNG image formats; send and receive e-mail using the SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocols; deal with Web services using the SOAP and REST protocols; validate input using Perl regular expressions; and create and manipulate PDF documents. Heck, PHP can even access C libraries, Java classes, and COM objects and take advantage of program code written for these languages!

 Some Mind blowing Statistics of PHP

Statistics are taken from the leading survey website W3tech.  It uses the top million sites based on Alexa Rank to calculate the statistics.

The following table shows the growth in PHP language and its clears here that its growth is much greater than other competitor scripting languages used over the web.

php growth & advantage of PHP

Image Credit W3techs

The following table shows the percent usage of the server-side programming languages and with no doubt PHP is the leading technology used by over 81.7 %.

php statistics & advantage of PHP

Image Credit W3techs

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  1. Great Article bro.i like it.what is the salary package offered by any industry to php programmer?
    saijad recently posted…How to Add a Custom Top Banner For Advertisement in BloggerMy Profile

  2. Hi Udhay,

    I must say I should learn .PHP, coz its not only used worldwide, but is is very useful to me to customize my theme according to my needs. And also I can wet my hands in to create new themes and plug-ins.

    Thanking you.
    Naveen recently posted…Google Penalizes The Websites That Used Guest Blogging For Building links – Here is a ProofMy Profile

  3. Very well written. I appreciate it so very much. Thanks for keeping us all updated from these useful things.
    Syed Usman recently posted…What is Death?My Profile

  4. Hiii Uday, The information you provided here was awesome and really helpful to know about the platform which I’m using since 3 years for making money online. In these 3 years I’ve planned many times to learn PHP but something always took over that plan. After reading the content I laughed a lot and again planned to try learn some PHP coding. ;)
    Pawan Kumar recently posted…Nokia Android Phone Pictures Leaked again (aka Normandy, X) – Heading towards reality!My Profile

  5. I agree with you but not completely because php is sometime irritating with unknown errors creeping in with every version update.Also,the statistics shows that php is quite popular,but if programmer wants much control & flexibility ,Ror or java would suffice
    Shubham recently posted…Arvind Kejriwal Jokes-The Modern Chuck Norris of IndiaMy Profile

  6. PHP is the best prog. language as it is free as well as simple and stable. The best example is wordpress, every wp user knows how easy is to customize codings in wp. nice write up.

  7. Hi Uday,
    Well written post…
    I know PHP is one of the best programming language, but haven’t started learning yet because of busy blogging; will try to learn soon…
    Thanks for sharing the details of PHP!

  8. Hello Uday,

    Very Informative post indeed. PHP is an essential language that every blogger must be familiar with. Being a blogger I too realized its benefits. One can easily edit his wordpress theme effectively if he his familiar with PHP basics.

    Thanks for sharing this ultimate post Uday.
    Have a great weekend. :)
    nikhil ganotra recently posted…A Little Guide To Write E-book In Just 20 Days.My Profile

  9. Hiiii Uday

    I am also a big fan of php from my college days.I like your style of writing aritcles.looking forward for more articles from your side.

  10. Hello Uday, I agree with your points that PHP is currently the most popular programming language in the world and mostly used in the web developement. But, the only disadvantage of using PHP is that as compared to Java, it is not so secure. while after learning Java, a person can go into mnay fields like web developement, enterprise application, mobiles app.l, android etc.but, there is no such option available in the php.
    Vikas Yadav recently posted…Learn How YouTube is the Easiest Way to Make Money from HomeMy Profile

  11. I don’t know php. But as you said, I should learn php. And I will learn it. Nice suggestion. Thanks
    Mahendra recently posted…Best free Antivirus for Android 2014 list & DownloadMy Profile

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